Check out our news plug over at Oregon Live! Here is a snippet from the article.

13422504-large“Sarah Ahl wasn’t the best gymnast on her team when she joined as a child. In fact, she was the worst member of the team, she said.

But Ahl, now 33, fell in love with the sport, and now she wants to make it accessible to young children in the Beaverton area with her mobile gymnastics business, Jump Start Gymnastics.

Starting next week, the mother of two young children will load her equipment (which includes a trampoline, mats, hula hoops, and a balance beam) into her trailer and visit local schools.”
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“The parents absolutely adored her,” Saiers said.

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Sarah Ahl, a preschool gymnastics teacher with over 10 years’ experience, has a BA in Liberal studies for elementary school education, and has attended numerous child development workshops during her career as a gymnastics coach. She believes in teaching through positive reinforcement and success.

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